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The beautiful thing about yoga is that it offers a way to create harmony and union within ourselves and find peace and happiness in our lives. Yoga is about self-inquiry and taking time to nurture and honour ourselves; body and mind.

Access Yoga & Wellness creates cherished moments of well-being through shared yoga, breath and meditation practice, regardless of age or ability level, making yoga accessible to all who wish to practice.

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Expanding the vision of Yoga


About Access yoga & wellness

Chelsea Robson, RYT

Certified yoga teacher specializing in gentle & restorative yoga practice

A significant life event led me to yoga teacher training and not long after I sustained injuries from a car accident which inspired me to seek out gentler, more restorative and truly accessible forms of yoga. The journey awoke in me a sincere commitment to support, assist and encourage others to grow, heal, acknowledge opportunity and potential, and to overcome limitations in order to practice yoga and meditation in a non-intimidating environment.

I am dedicated to sharing the practices of yoga with all those who seek them, particularly those with limited mobility, chronic illness, those with injuries or anxiety, older adults, and anyone not comfortable in a traditional yoga class setting.

I believe that the practice of yoga, not just the physical aspect, is truly transformational and what we do on our mat is accessible to us all in our everyday lives. It is possible for anyone to start; change yourself and you change the world !




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Access Yoga & Wellness is a proud lender at Kiva. We lend to help fund opportunities where there might not otherwise be one. .. Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not.