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We all face challenge and difficult times; It's part of the human experience but it is unnecessary, uncomfortable and unwise to hold onto suffering.

Please hear me when I say, I FEEL YOU. I SEE YOU. I HEAR YOU.

My heart goes out to you and my sincere intention is to offer knowledge that served me in my own time of deep unrest when I was grasping for breath and wondering if I would sink or swim. I chose to swim and it all started with how I thought about myself; how I talked to myself; how I treated myself; how I nurtured myself; how I learned to prioritize myself and how to truly love myself; perfectly imperfect. That is why I'm here — If I can take all I've learned and offer it out with positive, healing, loving intention and make THAT my contribution to the world then that’s what I whole-heartedly choose. These online offerings are also a way I’ve chosen to manifest and create my own freedom lifestyle and live in a way that fuels my purpose to serve others while living my own best life; what better advertising is there !?

I created the Self-Care Sanctuary Home Study Guide so that you can fast-track loving connection to yourself through self-care and deeper awareness. You will learn how to bring your best self everywhere you go with tools to help you navigate back to your true and natural state of peace, calm, relaxation and joy. By practicing the techniques outlined in this beginner's guide, you will learn to FEEL BETTER and initiate harmony within yourself even in times of stress, trigger, and challenge.  With practice you will learn to shift your focus, get familiar with your natural, calm state of being, and bring this with you everywhere, in every situation and circumstance knowing you have the awareness & tools to show up in your family, in your community, and in the world as the best possible version of YOU

Yours in love. 

And light.  

And truth.  



"What I love about Chelsea's teachings is she incorporates both physical practice and relaxation. Practicing deep breathing has helped my endurance and also improved my ability to relax. The reward at the end of practice is feeling relaxed yet energized! And increased mobility. I strongly encourage anyone take up practice with Chelsea.” - John

“After working with Chelsea I have less pain, and much more peaceful sleep – the best thing is the calm I feel after doing these practices.” - Janet

“I feel so calm, very zen and balanced within myself. I have the confidence to know that I have everything I need within me and Chelsea taught me that it’s available whenever I want to connect with it... I would sincerely recommend this to anyone who wants to truly understand themselves.” - Evan

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 Learn the value of rest, find balance in daily life and prioritize your self-care.   

Recognize you’re worthy as you are.

Each of us has the power to give ourselves what we need. In this 6-week home study guide you will learn to deeply nurture yourself by prioritizing rest & self-care, recognizing the good in your life and connecting to yourself  in a profound and meaningful way. The tools & techniques provided remind you how to tap in to and apply the incredible power within to feel more relaxed, calm & present so you consciously show up as your best Self in all you do. Simply put, this is a practical approach to feeling and living better !

If something within you responds to what I’m saying, then you are ready to commit to deeply nurturing yourself at the cellular, energetic and mind level  

“When you're good to yourself you're actually being good to everyone around you, because when you feel good, you'll only react well to other people." - Anita Moorjant

Where to begin? 

The Self-Care Sanctuary Home Study Guide is made up of….  

  • 6 easy to follow online modules that guide beginner’s through the invaluable practices I teach my  private clients every week to improve their health, peace of mind and overall well-being:

    • Module 1: Gratitude

    • Module 2: Self-Care & Rest

    • Module 3: Conscious Connection_Breath & Body Awareness

    • Module 4: Cause for Pause_Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Module 5: Mindful Movement

    • Module 6: Your Mind_Resistant to Receptive

  • Over 15 guided lessons in video and audio format so you can keep using the incredible tools at your convenience to ensure your ongoing success

  • All the transcripts, worksheets and resources required to follow along and get the most out of the lessons and techniques. An incredible addition that will support you achieving your very best results  

  • Ongoing support – it’s my mission to help others recognize how worthy and capable they are and I’m dedicated to helping you throughout your journey. When you invest in the Self-Care Sanctuary Home Study Guide you will also gain immediate life-time access to a tribe of like-minded community members in our private Facebook Group. A profound gift that encourages connection and support of one another along the way. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain feedback and insight, and  receive support from others ready to feel better, level up and grow with you

  • Unlimited email support for all questions/ concerns throughout your journey

  • Additional personalized coaching & support opportunities — phone or Zoom call & in-person private wellness sessions available. Space is extremely limited

PLUS !! you will receive access to additional bonus material I use in my private practice to further guide you in your self-care journey to create more peace and ease in your life  




  Stressed out, unfocused, anxious, tense, tired, overwhelmed by negative emotions, busy, reactive, experiencing physical & emotional unrest, suffering in relationships.. .  

Depressed is a state of exhaustion we experience when we require deep-rest . There is no shame in exhaustion but you can choose to slow down to breathe, rest, care for yourself, plant new seeds, and heal. You can learn how to tune in, listen to your body and mind, and settle into your natural state of calm awareness; it is from this place of stillness where healing begins.


FEELBETTER. More calm, relaxed, supported, focused, have more energy, go with the flow with more ease, experience more clarity, and prioritize self-care. By expanding your self-awareness, making time to nurture yourself and understand the value in rest you start to feel better from the outside-in. You will first learn to cultivate wellness and peace from within yourself and this is what will radiate outward.  

You must believe that change is possible and have the willingness to undergo that change!

Throughout this course you will learn to ...  

  • Follow and complete an online course at your own pace, in your own time and from the comfort of your own home

  • Handle life's challenges with more ease and cultivate the technique of seeing problems as opportunities to be and decide who you are

  • Nurture yourself and commit to your own growth & self-development  

  • Return to a balanced internal state and feel more balanced in daily life  

  • Be with yourself; accept you are whole just as you are   

  • Tune into your body’s signals & respond with attention & care

  • Become more aware and conscious of thoughts and actions  

  • Prioritize yourself and develop a self-care practice. Recognize the importance of slowing down and nurturing yourself

  • Realize self-care is the least selfish thing you can do — when you care for yourself, you care for others


Operating in burnout mode is a choice. you can ALSO CHOOSE not to live in A STATE OF overwhelm and stress.

When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you start to attract better. It all starts with you!

This is a wonderful beginner’s course though it’s not for everyone ….

THIS IS Not a miracle course rather A GUIDE using simple & effective tools and techniques grounded in SCIENCE AND centuries old holistic practice.

I can't tell you what's hurting or where to focus your energy or thoughts. Those choices are yours. I can only offer you tools, techniques and guidelines that have brought ME into deeper conscious awareness, gain clarity and focus, elevated my patience, listening and acceptance, and taught me to tune into my body, mind & spirit. Through this ‘tuning in’ you too can gain insight into how you're feeling in the always present moment. My intention is not to SELL rather OFFER these teachings to those who feel drawn to awaken to their true nature, release toxicity in all forms from their lives, and open to the infinite opportunity and possibility present at all times. You simply have to choose. ..

I also can't tell you this is ‘right’ — it may not be right for you for many reasons and variables. You need to assess where you are at this time in your life, know you are worth investing in and be open to the possibility that there are people in the world who are also invested in helping you.  How do you FEEL watching me and hearing what I have to say? Would you say I seem authentic or that there's something missing for you? Tune into your intuition and start awakening to new possibility in your life. Release fear and judgment and step into yourself. 

And finally, rest assured, I'm not here to pitch you. I will not bombard you with endless emails and up-sells. If you don’t resonate with what I’m saying or recognize value in the material, perhaps it’s simply not for you and that’s OK. I create content with the tools I believe in and use in my personal and professional practice. My intentions are pure and my hope is to contribute to others’ journey through deep nurturing. I commit to hold space so that YOU invest in YOU because you understand your worth - YOU invest in YOU because you are ready to nurture yourself and release feelings of unworthiness - YOU invest in YOU because you have felt the stillness within and you know there’s more to life than feeling anxious, unwell and uneasy.

I know those who resonate with me, with what I'm saying, who feel my authentic intention of love and support, those are the people my message was meant to reach. If this is not you, please know you are supported in all you do and I sincerely wish you well on your path to your best life.

Immersive change is the most powerful SO BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF AND take it day-by-day.


Music Playlist  

What are you listening to? What are you energetically aligning yourself with? What sounds are you allowing permeate your being/DNA? 

 Calming Musical Therapy l  Relax & Unwind

Dr Mitchell Gaynor quote; The Sound of Healing  

Sound Healing 

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches ever part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiological functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.” 

  • “Sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony.”   “I believe unequivocally – and I’ve seen for myself the proof – that the use of sound is among the most powerful modalities ever embraced by twentieth-century practitioners.” 

  • Dr Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York and author of The Healing Power of Sound. 


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