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Why I created the course – what is my intention – who is it for – how do you participate – where can you practice.

  • Not out to be salesy or become a millionaire simply to use the knowledge I’ve learned in my own journey and make it available for those who find meaning or feel connected in some way to what I have to offer.  

  • Online offerings are also the way I have chosen to manifest and create my own freedom lifestyle so as to be able to live in a way that fuels my purpose to serve others while living my own best life; what better advertising   


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 Learn the value of rest, find balance in daily life and prioritize your self-care.   

Recognize you’re worthy as you are.

Each of us has the power to give ourselves what we need. In this 6- week home study course you will learn to prioritize yourself through rest & self-care, recognize the good in your life and connect to yourself  in a profound and meaningful way. The tools & techniques provided remind you how to tap in to and apply the incredible power within to feel more relaxed, calm & present so you consciously show up as your best Self in all you do. Simply put, this is a practical approach to feeling and living better  *  

If something within you responds to what I’m saying, then you’re ready to commit to deeply nurturing yourself at the cellular, energetic and mind level  

When you're good to yourself you're actually being good to everyone around you, because when you feel good, you'll only react well to other people." - Anita Moorjant

Where to begin? 

The At-Home Sanctuary course is made up of….  

  • 6 easy to follow online lessons teaching you the invaluable practices I teach to my  private clients every week to improve their health, range of motion and overall well-being 

  • All the templates and resources required to follow along and get the most out of the lessons and tools provided to achieve your very best results  

  • Ongoing support – it’s my mission to help others recognize >>>>.  I’m dedicated to helping you throughout your journey. By purchasing At-Home Sanctuary you will have access to the FB Tribe >>>> - post questions, gain feedback and insight from others, and feel part of a like-minded community there to support you as you level up   

PLUS !! you will receive access to additional bonus material I use in my private practice to further guide you along your path of self-care and create more peace in your life  


** Learn to listen to your bodies signals




  Stressed out, unfocused, anxious, tense, tired, experiencing negative emotions; busy, reactive ....  

Depressed is a state of exhaustion we get into when we require deep-rest . There is no shame in exhaustion _ you can choose to slow down; breathe, rest, care for yourself, plant new seeds, and heal. Tune in and listen to your body and mind and settle into your natural state of calm, care and compassion.

Picture of before state - You've planted the seeds in life (partner, home, job, family kids...) and feel disappointed and disillusioned because you stopped nurturing yourself and nothing seems to be 'growing' the way you thought it would; you're re-plowing the same field expecting different results and not nurturing the life-giver ... women prioritize everything/everyone, we are creating the next generation: if we are not healthy and well, we continue sowing these seeds of dis-ease / unwell / unrest ....  and this negatively affects all those we encounter  

You want to ….  

FEELBETTER. calm, relaxed, supported/nurtured, focused, more energy, go with flow with more ease; proud, happy, peace/calm, clarity, doing better for SELF and therefore family, community,   

·         ability to acknowledge triggers and better self-regulate, be trusting of self that this work and practice is going to garner results   

You can't feel better from the outside-in; you cultivate wellness and peace from within yourself and this radiates outward to all those you are in contact with.  

 You must believe that change is possible and have the willingness to undergo that change

In this course you will learn how to bring your best self everywhere you go with techniques to help you navigate back to your true and natural state of peace, calm, relaxation and joy. By practicing the tools and techniques outlined in this beginner's guide, you will learn how to initiate this feeling of harmony within yourself even in times of stress, trigger, and challenge.  With practice you will learn to shift your focus, get familiar with your natural, calm state of being, and bring this with you everywhere, in every situation and circumstance knowing you have the awareness & tools to bring yourself back to your best possible self no matter YOUR age - YOUR job, YOUR family -YOUR community, YOUR life  ---- show up in the world and in your community as the best possible version of YOU.   

Throughout this course you will learn to ...  

  • Follow and complete an at-home course at your own pace   

  • Handle life's stresses with more ease   

  • Nurture yourself and encourage your own growth & self-development  

  • Feel more balanced in daily life  

    be with yourself; accepting you as whole just as you are   

  • Recognize & listen to your body  

  • Re-member; nothing I say is new to you; it’s nothing you don’t already know  

  • Share 

  • Return to a balanced internal state  

BALANCE IS POSSIBLE. Operating in burnout mode is a choice but you can also choose not to live in constant state of stress and overwhelm.

When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you start to attract better. It all starts with you.

This is a wonderful beginner’s course though It’s not for everyone ….

And rest assured, I'm NOT here to pitch you. I don’t want to pressure or persuade you into buying a product you simply don't want. My intention is not to bombard you with endless emails. My hope is that YOU invest in YOU because you understand your worth. YOU invest in YOU because you are ready to put yourself first. You invest in YOU because you know there is more to life that feeling  busy, rushed, overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to cope.

Please hear me when I say ---– I FEEL YOU. I SEE YOU. I HEAR YOU. My heart goes out to you and my intentions are only to offer you knowledge that served me in my own time of deep unrest; when I was grasping for breath and wondering if I was going to sink or swim …. I chose to swim and it all started with how I thought about myself; how I talked to myself; how I treated myself; how I nurtured myself; how I learned to prioritize myself.  

Not a miracle course rather using simple & effective tools and techniques grounded in centuries old holistic practice. Immersive change is the most powerful; take it day-by-day.